Design of aviation machines. Modern turboprop engines

Gvozdetskiy I.,
Volianskay L.,
Morozov L.,
Karpenko M.

Design of aviation machines. Modern turboprop engines

The study guide includes theorethical base of aircraft engines working processes, brief information on different types of gas turbine engines structure and turboprop TB3-117-BMA-CБM engine construction and system description.

The book is intended for students of aircraft faculty, speciality, 6.070103 "Manufacture, maintenance and repair of aircraft and aeroengines".


  • ISBN: 978-966-598-607-2
  • Тип: Навчальний посібник
  • Обсяг: 96 сторінок
  • Рік видання: 2010
  • Обкладинка: м’яка

Стислий зміст

The foreword.

PART 1. Brief information on the thery of gas turbine engines.

Chapter 1. Classification of the aircraft engines.

Chapter 2. Engine operating fundamentals.

Chapter 3. Gas-turbine engine progress.

PART 2. Turboprop engine TB3-117BMA-CБM1.

Chapter 4. General information about engine.

Chapter 5. Engine TB3-117BMA-CБM main data and performance.

Chapter 6. Engine TB3-117BMA-CБM transmission.

Chapter 7. Engine air inlet section.

Chapter 8. Compressor unit.

Chapter 9. Combustion chamber.

Chapter 10. Turbine unit.

Chapter 11. Gas turbine engine functional systems.



Appendix. System of physical units.