Fundamentals of soil science

Петренко Л. Р.,
Бережняк М. Ф.,
Дудар Т. В.,
Бережняк Є. М.

Fundamentals of soil science

The textbook provides the main information about general concepts of soil science, soils origin, constitution and properties, and also contains the description, classification, geographical distribution, and use of the chief soils of Ukraine.

It is intended for student specialiaing in Ecology, Environment Protection and Balanced Land Use. 


  • ISBN: 978-966-598-666-9
  • Тип: Навчальний посібник
  • Обсяг: 460 сторінок
  • Рік видання: 2011
  • Обкладинка: м’яка

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Part 1. General Soil Science

Chapter 1. Rock and mineral weathering. Parent materials of soils.

Chapter 2. Mineralogical and mechanical composition of soils and their parent materials

Chapter 3. General scheme of soil formation and development of soil profile.

Chapter 4. Organisms and their role in soil formation and development of soil productivity.

Chapter 5. Soil organic matter.

Chapter 6. Plant-soil macro- and micronutrient relations.

Chapter 7. Soil colloids and retention capacity.

Chapter 8. Soil structure.

Chapter 9. Physical properties of soils.

Chapter 10. Soil water. Related properties and regimes. Soil water management.

Chapter 11. Soil air and aeration.

Chapter 12. Soil temperature and heat flow.

Chapter 13. Soil solution and redox processes in soils.

Chapter 14. Soil productivity and evalution.

Part 2. Soils Geography

Chapter 15. Soils classification, nomenclature, and diagnostic.

Chapter 16. Soils of the ukrainian polissya (forest zone).

Chapter 17. Soils of the forest-steppe zone of Ukraine.

Chapter 18. Soils of the steppe zone of Ukraine.

Chapter 19. Soils of the arid steppe zone of Ukraine.

Chapter 20. Salt-affected soils in Ukraine.

Chapter 21. Soils of the Carpathian mountain province and Crimean mountains region.

Chapter 22. Soil erosion and its control.


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