Intelectual property

Sopilko I.,
Filyk N.,
Zubrytska O.,
Kmetyk Kh.,
Trotsiuk N.

Intelectual property

This manual determines the general principles of protection of rights to the intellectual property objects on the basis of provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine, the Civil Code of Ukraine and outher. The aim of the manual is to help the students of law faculties to improve and extend their knowledge of legal disciplines "Intellectual Property" and "Intellectual Proprietary Right".


  • ISBN: 978-966-598-951-6
  • Тип: Навчальний посібник
  • Обсяг: 400 сторінок
  • Рік видання: 2009

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Unit 1. Intellectual property, its general principles

Unit 2. Objects and subjects of copyright and the related rights

Unit 3. Legal status of copyright and the related rights

Unit 4. The concept and structure of the industrial proprietary right

Unit 5. Legal regulation of patent law

Unit 6. Legal protection of non-traditional objects of industrial property

Unit 7. Legal regime of means of individualization of civil circulation participants, goods and services

Unit 8. Contracts in the intellectual property sphere

Unit 9. Legal regime of author's agreement .

Unit 10. Agreements in the industrial property sphere

Unit 11. Using and defense of copyright on the internet the extract from the civil code of Ukraine of January 1, 2004. Book four "intellectual property right"

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